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Bubblefunk has entertained international audiences from exclusive villa parties, weddings and corporate events in London and Ibiza through to being booked at nightclubs worldwide as the guest DJ to crowds of over 7000 people at parties in such far flung places as Siberia in Russia.

DJ Bubblefunk Russia Progessive House Tribal House Trance DJs

The above and below pictures are from around 2003 from some of the many Russian gigs. James toured around 15 cities in all and visited many times later. The music styles were mainly progressive house, tribal & tech house, some progressive trance and a touch of breakbeat here and there. Crowds varied from a few hundred in Moscow’s many clubs through over 7000 people in large sports stadiums.

Eastern Europe DJ progressive house DJ tech house DJs

James also traveled to India, where he held a DJ residency in Mumbai for Taj Hotels. He also performed in Goa after that and later went on to tour the country visiting many of India’s largest cities along the way. Some of the best parties where in Bangalore, where the people really know and like their dance music. Below is a picture from the Castle Loud tour from around 2007 at Asia’s largest nightclub: Elevate in Noida:


Around Asia, James has performed at many one off special events over recent years. He’s been invited to perform in Vietnam a number of times. The picture below shows a great party he did in Hanoi Vietnam at an outdoor pool party. He also did some after-hours DJ sets at various clubs out there. The music was mostly Latino-House and Tribal House, with the after-hours clubs being more deeper Techno and Tribal House. Wet And Wild Hanoi Vietnam 2010:

Asia_DJ_Vietnam_Latin_House_DJs_Tribal_Funky_House_DJJames has also traveled to Ibiza, Spain & Portugal on numerous occasions. Sometimes for bars and clubs, other times for private villa parties and corporate events. Below is a picture from a gig in Portugal sponsored by Vodafone: Around 3000 people attended, and the whole night had amazing visuals and dancer shows throughout the night:



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